Two-legged Colored led advertising gas station sign

The gas station tower sign is usually equipped with a large light box for flat advertising, and then several LED display cards to display the oil price.
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Gas station led signage and led oil price display

New LED billboard advertising, making existing oil station billboard advertising locations more valuable. Despite this, billboard rental fees are still competitively priced. All types of advertisers recognize this value, so this medium is included in the outdoor petrol station advertising program.

led gas price sign
Light source
Gas station equipment
Light power
Total size
Wind resistance
Steel,  aluminum plate, 8 character screen, 
LED, acrylic plate, luminous character

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LED gas station price pylon signs
Oil station pylon signs in cooperation with frimps oil The materials used in the billboard products of the petrol station are mainly: aluminum profiles, stainless steel, galvanized panels, with a splayed screen (LED display), so the price range is relatively large, and different countries have different positioning. please ask.
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The gas station tower is made in several ways. Generally, there is a tower sign with a direct landing, a single column landing, the same double column landing, the tower sign is usually equipped with a large light box to display the company name and logo, each user Micro-labels are on a separate light box surface.if you want to build your gas station,contact us.
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Gas station tower signs, the most obvious outdoor signs installed at gas stations, they can make single or three sides, usually the most obvious inside the gas station construction.
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Regardless of whether your need is for a 5m tall pylon or a 16m tall monolith and whether you need a bare steel structure with a simple wordmark logo at the top or a fully cladded, branded and illuminated sign, we have the experience to guide you on the most suitable materials from which your pylon should be made and the production facilities and processes to analyse,design, prototype, manufacture, ship, install and maintain your sign.
Gas station advertising sign
Outdoor Gas station advertising sign
The diversity of the tower signs features: ·External lighting:Illuminate your pylon sign with spotlights positioned on the ground or mounted to the sign itself. ·Light boxes:These feature a translucent panel that showcases the name and logo of a business. Internal fluorescent lamps or LEDs (light-emitting diodes) back light the panel and call viewer attention to the store or restaurant at night. Some pylon signs feature a single light box. Others, such as those used by shopping centers, incorporate lightboxes for many retailers. ·LED message boards:These display changeable messages that promote sales, new inventory, special events and more. Dynamic moving images,LED panels catch the eye of passersby more effectively than static, non-moving signage. These electronic light displays are computer controlled and allow businesses to change their messaging on demand
Large gas station logo size
Large gas station solar sign design
The National Tower logo is an excellent choice for brand recognition from a distance. We will consult your city to determine the best logo design that meets the city's specifications. We will seamlessly design, license, build and install your tower logo with our experienced team of designers, engineers and architects.
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