• 20 Years Experience 20 Years Experience
    Foshan Nanhai Guose Identification Co., Ltd was established in 1996, the registered capital of RMB 11 million, developing rapidly, is a collection of advertising decoration, organic process, exhibition display, screen printing, large outdoor advertising to the design, production and after-sales service as one of professional companies.
  • OEM Services OEM Services
    Conventional production process Order (ERP into the single system) → Clerk print production production form → process group design → material procurement→Engraving Department→Material preparation (shearing, folding, bending, drilling, etc.)→Second workshop welding→Painting department → assembly → packaging → shipping Sample production process Order (ERP into the single system) → Clerk print production production form → process group design → material procurement →Engraving Department→Material preparation (shearing, folding, bending, drilling, etc.)→Second workshop welding→ Test assembly samples → preliminary review → template modification → re-assembly of samples → review qualified → painting department → Assembly → packaging → shipping
  • Customer First Customer First
    Our company has always established a customer-oriented service concept for our employees, sincerely serves customers, takes the guests as the center, puts them in the position of the guests, establishes a sincere attitude, treats customers with care, especially for special Customers, to the maximum extent to meet the requirements of the guests, establish a service-oriented awareness, grasp the customer's information, targeted services.
  • quality First quality First
    For a long time, we always adhere to the "scientific management, continuous improvement, constant innovation, cengcengbaguan, customer satisfaction" the quality policy, to carry out the enterprise culture: endeavour from the tireless efforts, the achievement in the customer's trust and recognition, in the field of changing process, we carry forward the team spirit, with companies in the future, struggle, innovation, pioneering and enterprising, create high-quality brand, graced the international market.
about Foshan Nanhai Guose Identification Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Guose Crafts Co., Ltd., and Foshan Nanhai Guose Identification Co., Ltd., was established in 1998 with a capital injection of 11 million. It is a professional  gas station pylon sign、gas station structure、gas station canopy、 fuel dispenser、led gas price sign for main products。 In the process of rapid growth,  Foshan Nanhai Guose Identification Co., Ltd. now has a series of top equipment and technical talents in engraving, sheet metal, welding, plastic, laser cutting, water cutting, UV printing, spraying, etc. The company provides design, production and after-sales service as a professional company. After nearly 20 years of development, the whole team has nearly 200 people, including designers, business personnel, production staff and management personnel. With a plant area of 28,000 square meters, it has a variety of advanced and complete production equipment. Sheet metal, steel structure and large light box have become the main items of our national color. The professional production line, exclusive products and dedicated technology have made Guoshang have its own brand products, which are different from others, unique development and professional counterparts. In the past few years, in addition to the implementation of the 1809001-2000 quality management system certification, we have continuously upgraded ourselves to meet the 5S standards and requirements. We have undertaken projects such as McDonald's products , high-speed rail light box projects , bus shelters in various regions at home and abroad , and outdoor. Large column light box , products all over the country and the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States and other countries! Business self-report Provides practical and high quality steel structure and digital products. Leading the deep innovation of the domestic advertising industry. A highly competitive national color craft. Strategic diagnosis Comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, guide the diversification and professional strategic decision-making in China. Next, the national color process is centered on Guangzhou, and Foshan is a production base strategically pointing to the whole country, Southeast Asia. To the world, constantly increase the penetration of online and offline. Promotion plan 1. Marketing Management - Clearly refine responsibilities, standardize management, and improve the professionalization of marketing functions, regularly Conduct customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction surveys on the project. 2. Infrastructure - Establish a sound management system and process for functional departments, and implement incentive programs. Good assessment management to support the completion of strategic work. 3. Service specifications - regular learning service specifications, improve the overall quality of sales staff and engineering staff, training. Employees are willing to serve, and actively innovate and optimize the mentality of products.
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Gdguose are specialized in gas station construction and design over 22 years,high quality led gas station price sign,pump topper sign, petrol station canopy,etc.,export to more than 50 countries. Inquiry now!
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Foshan Nanhai Guose Identification Co., Ltd founded in 1996,is a professional manufacture of bus shelter,gas station sign,light box,billboard with high quality,and located at the foshan town,Guang dong city,china.
  • Large gas station logo size
    Pylon Signs | Small Business Signs | CND Signs
    The National Tower logo is an excellent choice for brand recognition from a distance. We will consult your city to determine the best logo design that meets the city's specifications. We will seamlessly design, license, build and install your tower logo with our experienced team of designers, engineers and architects.
  • Parking Lot Directional Sign
    Outdoor Parking Lot Directional Sign
    If you require a directional sign to promote and direct customers to your local business, please fill out the Application for Directional Signage Form and submit to the Shire for assessing (fee required for sign and installation).
  • Prefabricated convenience store
    prefabricated heat insulation convenience store
    prefabricated convenience store is easily assembled, the EPS have installation tunnel, only need to install it panel by panel and it would be waterproof and the EPS make sure it is heat insulated and with perfect fire resistance. 
  •  LED gas price signs
    Refueling standing column led light box
    A full array of signage components including company logos, word marks, pylons, canopies, column spreaders, bulkheads, shopfront, LED light line, directional signs and trash valets were deployed as part of this project.
  • Led advertising guide card
    LED gas station price pylon signs
    Oil station pylon signs in cooperation with frimps oil The materials used in the billboard products of the petrol station are mainly: aluminum profiles, stainless steel, galvanized panels, with a splayed screen (LED display), so the price range is relatively large, and different countries have different positioning. please ask.
  • Petrol station information logo
    V type logo gas station pylon signs
    The gas station tower is made in several ways. Generally, there is a tower sign with a direct landing, a single column landing, the same double column landing, the tower sign is usually equipped with a large light box to display the company name and logo, each user Micro-labels are on a separate light box surface
  • gas station advertising signage
    Outdoor led gas station pylon sign
    Gas station tower signs, the most obvious outdoor signs installed at gas stations, they can make single or three sides, usually the most obvious inside the gas station construction.
  • Gas station led advertising sign
    Gas station led column advertising sign
    Regardless of whether your need is for a 5m tall pylon or a 16m tall monolith and whether you need a bare steel structure with a simple wordmark logo at the top or a fully cladded, branded and illuminated sign, we have the experience to guide you on the most suitable materials from which your pylon should be made and the production facilities and processes to analyse,design, prototype, manufacture, ship, install and maintain your sign.
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Foshan Nanhai Guose Identification Co., Ltd founded in 1996,is a professional manufacture of bus shelter,gas station sign,light box,billboard with high quality,and located at the foshan town,Guang dong city,china.
2019-11-11 Travel~travel~travel
Autumn is a season for going out to play.In order to make employees more happy, the company organized a trip。
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  • Workers are working hard to load 2 containers。
    2019-11-01 Workers are working hard to load 2 containers。
    Today, our company has 3 containers to load. One is in the morning, two  is in the afternoon。 in the afternoon,2 containers are reach at the same time。We can only arrange more people to do it at ...
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  • Happy National day
    2019-09-30 Happy National day
    To celebrate the 70th anniversary of China,Our country held a military parade in Tiananmen Square, Beijing。 In order to celebrate the National Day, our factory will take a vacation from October 1st un...
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