Gas station structure
Gas station structure

Foshan Guose Identification Co.,Ltd gas station frame introduction:

Our company is mainly manufacturing and supply different kinds of gas station project,such as gas station frame,gas station canopy,light box,pylon sign,led screen,direction sign etc. Product in China.

The gas station shed frame is one of the series of products launched by our company. We have many experience in designing, producing and processing, and have a group of high-quality talents to provide continuous driving force for the development of the company. Our company can provide professional technical consultation according to the initial concept of the construction project by the customer and the construction unit, and clarify the specific design parameters; carefully manufacture and strictly construction.

Now we mainly introduce the characters of the gas station frame here:

The main material of the gas station frame is steel. Steel prefab shed are widely used in many constructions. Such as for high-risk and highly flammable and explosive places like gas stations , the material of the gas station frame it is quite important. The ceiling grid/gas station frame greatly reduces the risk factor in the fire. Its effects have long conquered the fire-fighting authority and are being used by more and more road builders.

Light weight, high strength, good seismic performance, environmentally friendly the main characters of the gas station structure.

It is an environmentally friendly operation that has many advantages compare to the traditional concrete projects.

The first is that these gas station steel structures are very light in weight, high in strength, and good in seismic resistance etc. Gas Station Metal frame is very especially suitable for those space structures with large spans, and are also suitable for soft foundation construction.

Their corrosion resistance is very good, because these steel structures will have many processing during producing , such as galvanizing treatment and high temperature hot rolling, which will make the performance of steel structure more advantageous.

The steel structures subjected to these treatments are not only excellent in rust resistance, but also make them look more beautiful, the surface of the material is more flat, and there is no crusting.Also suitable for use on softer foundations.

Assembly instructions for the ceiling frame of the gas station

When assembled the gas station grid, the string is generally welded first, so that the lower string is arched upward due to the contraction, and then welded the web and the chord. When  assembled together the parts(without the small unit), if all the rods are all positioned and welded, it will be easily cause the positioned weld to be broken during the full construction welding. Because in this case the weld will have no free-contracting edges when fully welded, similar to welding in closed loops. The solution is to slow down the welding speed, adopt the cyclic welding method, weld a weld joint at the A node, and then turn to the B node. After the weld of the A joint is cooled, the second weld at the A joint of the weld is welded. In this way, the finish construction period is prolonged.

Gas station structure Gas station structure

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