Directional signage

Direction sign board,which is the sign indicating the direction, also called as the billboard, the signboard,those are used for the toilet pointing sign, the street signs can be called the sign. Its definition is more extensive. The indicator signs can be placed near the company to facilitate others to find the company quickly; the roadside sign can let people know which way to choose; the signs of real estate company's property community can better understand the community’s location. Nowadays,sign boards are widely used in many places,such as gas stations, highways, hotels, etc. It plays an important role in every product or service that needs to be promoted.

Foshan Nanhai GUOSE Identification Co., Ltd ,which is a large-scale comprehensive service company integrating navigation system, logo design and production.For a long time, the company not only focuses on logo design, sign production, guide system design, signage design and production, but also provides systematic solutions from project planning consultation, concept design, deep design to production, installation and maintenance...
We have a production base covering an area of  36,000 m2, which is one of the most professional identification design and production companies in China. Guose has dozens of high-tech equipment , such as imported engraving machine, numerical control hydraulic pendulum shears, hydraulic plate bending machine, baking machine, screen printing machine, plate drying machine, large acrylic suction complete set of equipment, etc. We also set up a sheet metal workshop, a paint shop, a computer engraving workshop, a woodworking workshop and a screen printing workshop,etc.

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