Gas station and convenience store construction
Create a new visual experience for customers: Hongtai logo creates a “new value” for the Menderson gas station 2019-04-13

Gas station image design includes gas station brand column, gas station shed shed, inner roof, lamps, tanker surface image design, oil price card, convenience store door and interior design, signage signs, advertising light boxes and other elements.

In order to standardize the gas station logo guidance system, to create a simple and clear guidance environment for the guests, a complete set of gas station identification signs is essential. The following is by the Hongtai logo Xiaobian through the Hongtai logo for the image design and installation project of the Mederson gas station to understand, which gas labeling stations need to produce which signs.

Holt is getting a gas station. Finally.

The overall design of the gas station is a classic blue with a colorless white, the white highlights of the beveled shape is classic and practical, the image of the entire petrol station is very simple and not too generous, and even become the object of many petrol stations to emulate, its Easy to remember is self-evident, so it can be widely recognized by many users, providing excellent market communication, meeting market demand, and thus better serving the market.

 Gallery - Citgo - Gas Station

What are the signage signs in the gas station of the gas station?
1. Inbound main signage: Installed at the entrance of the gas station.
2, entrance and exit signs: installed in the conspicuous position on both sides of the entrance and exit of the gas station.
3. Inbound notice card.
4, oil guide card: installed in each fuel filler position.
5, oil price card.
6. Entrance and exit speed limit signs: installed after the entrance and exit signs.
7. Safety warning sign: Installed on the two sides of the shed column facing the fueling lane.
Through a series of optimization and transformation, the gas station image is more beautiful, the service is more humanized, and the brand image of the Mideson gas station is constantly improving. Entering the Mederson Gas Station is a very bright, comfortable, and greatly relieved driving fatigue!

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