What is petrol station? 2020-09-27

The petrol station is generally in an open air environment with a tall ceiling. The height of the petrol station canopy is generally clearly defined. It must accommodate the entry and exit of the car. Four white stone pillars are fixed under the ceiling to effectively protect the quality and service life of the ceiling. There is a petrol station at every certain space under the ceiling,leaving a large gap in the middle to facilitate people's movement and the entry and exit of the car.

The design of modern petrol stations is generally not much different. Petrol stations are located on cities and highways for people's convenience. petrol stations generally have a large footprint and are located in an open space, which can accommodate the drive and park cars. The ceiling of the petrol station has a huge effect. In addition to blocking the rain, it can also shield the sun from the sun's rays and cause spontaneous combustion of gasoline. The edges of the ceiling are decorated with large red colours to attract attention and attract customers.The ceiling design of the petrol station is very unique.

The ceiling of the petrol station is white in color and has a wavy shape with pillars. The name and function are marked with a large red font, which is very conspicuous. At the rear of the petrol station is a row of houses, which serves as a place for staff to rest. Some petrol station have a  small shop for shopping.The petrol station is medium in size and is built on the suburb of the city.

On the ceiling of the petrol station, there are a few small LET lights that can be well illuminated. In the extension of the ceiling, decorated with red pigments, it is very bright, and the outside smoke is also equipped with lights, which better serve to people's lives and travel. At the rear of the petrol station is a row of small houses,designed with small supermarkets and toilets and washing car room, which are very user-friendly.

gas station canopy

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